Monday, July 27, 2015


“"I'm convincing my friends and neighbors and anyone who will listen to my evangelical message locally that this is something that can exponentially grow over time.  This is as much of an opportunity as the Internet when it first started.”
Jack Kennedy, a seventh-generation Wise County resident who is also the Clerk of the 30th Judicial Court of Virginia, at the first government-approved drone delivery by  an unmanned aerial vehicle that successfully dropped medical supplies to a health clinic in rural southwest Virginia on July 17, 2015. 

            Greetings!  Welcome to the Drone Law Blog of Robert E. Kelly, Esq.

            This is a remarkable and revolutionary time in the development of the aviation industry.   It truly is the dawn of a new era of technology that has the potential to revolutionize air traffic not only across the United States of America but around the world. 

            The mission of this blog is to explore the federal and state regulatory environment concerning small UAS (which are more commonly known as “drones”) and provide analysis regarding the rules to be promulgated for the small UAS service.   This blog will address the federal efforts to create new rules for small UAS and also address state legislation that tackles small UAS regulation.  I am particularly interested in the interplay – if not conflict – between federal and local authorities as to who will have the final say on new rules regulating drones.  (The Federal Pre-Emption pages of this blog will address these issues.)

         I will also focus scrutiny on the issues of privacy and the safeguarding of the civil rights not only for drone users but also for those persons who will be affected by the increased popularity of drone in the near future.